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Welcome - feedme

Welcome to Feedme

Your Personal Superfeed.

Sync Your Sources

Bring all your news, interests and platforms into one. Feedme is the convenient solution for social and news media.

You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts all into one Feedme Superfeed. You can follow websites and their content right in you newsfeed, and we’ll be adding more platforms soon. It will make your life so much easier.


You’re In Control

Finally, you have control over what you see. You can easily adjust your own algorithm to make sure you never miss you on the content you want.

Uprank and Downrank posts to see more of what you want to see and less of what you don’t. Select exactly the sources you want to hear from and how much. Set your feed to come in breaking news order, or in trending order, or somewhere in between. You’re in control.


Create minifeeds on any topic, and share so people can follow your perfectly curated feed. (Share feature coming soon.)

Wouldn’t you love a feed that knew exactly the topics you wanted to see, when you wanted to see them? With Feedme, you can create minifeeds so you can get business news in the morning, sports on Saturday afternoon, and cat videos before bed. You can create the perfect minifeeds on any topic or from any sources, and you can make them public so other people can follow your perfectly curated feed.