Known Issues

Here you will find a list of outstanding issues that our team is hard at work correcting. If you experience any severe issues while using feedme that are not listed below, please report them by visiting or emailing


Updated: October 23rd, 2019

All Versions


  • Users are unable to receive up to date YouTube content from sources they have followed due to YouTube reducing our API quota. We are working with YouTube to restore and increase our API quota. 
  • Users are unable to receive up to date Facebook content from sources they have followed, unless the Facebook Page has specifically partnered with Feedme. We are working towards partnering with several Facebook pages, and will announce such partnerships as they arise. 

Version 0.7.1

  • Authorizing with Twitter app still requires users to login to the Twitter plugin to authorize access
  • Filtering by interest still sometimes returns the wrong interest
  • Users are unable to update bios or minifeed descriptions
 Version 0.6.1
  • iOS keyboard missing the ‘Done’ button on the ‘Explore Sources’ page
  •  Renaming a minifeed results in the photo being reset
  • Waiting room text sometimes becomes right aligned and then correctly orientates shortly after

Version 0.6.0

  • The import loading indicator continues to spin for an extended period of time on social import — this is due to the user trying to import a large amount of sources.
  • If a user enters an incorrect email address, progresses to the verification page, and progresses back to login, they are unable to send the verification email to the new email. 
 Version 0.3.4
  • The loading indicator sometimes remains spinning on the Manage Feed menu after adding a social source from the Import sub page.
  • YouTube entries show video descriptions within the source feed.
  • Verification codes are sent to both email and phone if both are associated with a user’s account.
  • Android devices have extremely sensitive to swiping left and right to change feeds.

Version 0.3

  • The ‘Manage Feed’ icon sometimes does not appear on select Android devices — the button still works, just the icon is missing.
  • Stopping your feed scrolling by taping the screen sometimes results in opening of articles — it is advised for the user to counter scroll in order to prevent opening unwanted articles.
  • Selecting interests within the new setup does not filter the results properly by interest.
  • The initial “Welcome” page that starts the new setup process remains loaded on screen for an extended period of time creating the perception the app has frozen — the app has not frozen on this page, the network request is merely taking a long time to return.

Version 0.2

  • Users are unable to upload photos to change their minifeed avatar or their user profile image.
  • YouTube sources can be followed but YouTube entries are not appearing within feeds.
  • Initial setup tour not triggering upon entering setup for the first time.