Customize your feed with Feedme’s uprank and downrank features 

October 11, 2019 Emily Dukek 0 Comments

Your life is busy. You don’t want to spend what little free time you do have scrolling endlessly through a feed of content you really don’t care about to try to find the content you do want to see.  

We get that.  

Not only do we understand this frustration, but we built an app that puts all the power in your hands to be able to control what you see.  

Not only do you get to pick the posts you want to see, but you get to further customize your feed by using the uprank and downrank feature in the app.  

This means if there’s articles that you love and you want to see more of, you can uprank it using the uprank button, and Feedme will give you more articles like that.  

For example, if you LOVE seeing videos of dogs, you can uprank those posts, and we’ll make sure you see all the dog videos your heart desires.  

On the flip side, if there are posts that you just really don’t care about seeing, you can downrank it using the downrank button, and we’ll make sure you see less of that.  

We want users to be in complete control of the content they see. No more algorithms manipulating your media feed. Feedme gives you the content you want. Nothing more, nothing less.