10 Ways Feedme Helps Content Creators Grow Their Brand

October 3, 2019 Emily Dukek 0 Comments

In a world that is dominated by a never-ending stream of content always being uploaded online, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. This presents problems for many content creators, because it makes it harder for their followers to find their content, therefore causing them to lose views and followers.  

Feedme has created a way for Content Creators to stay relevant and keep engaged with their followers.  

Here’s 10 ways to use the Feedme Creator Portal to make your life easier and keep your followers up to date on all your content. 

  1. Register at https://portal.feedme.app/index.html  
  2. Synch your accounts with Feedme  
  3. Have your followers follow you on Feedme 
  4. Feedme will take all the platforms your followers already follow you on and combine them into one easy to use app 
  5. From here, your followers will be able to customize the way they see their feed and your content 
  6. Your followers will be able to uprank content they do like, and downrank content they don’t like, this lets the app know what they want more of, and what they want to see less of 
  7. Your followers have the ability to create minifeeds within the app, which means they could make a feed of strictly your content  
  8. Continue posting to the platforms you’ve always used and Feedme will add them to your followers Superfeed 
  9. Rest assured that your followers are seeing the content you post 
  10. Feel confident in knowing all your content is in one organized, easy to find location